Milk, Water and Vegetable Oil

Model No. AMP900


  • Machine are available in single head and double head.
  • Machine are available in mechanical as well as pneumatic version.
  • Filling system Volumetric, Gravity flow and time base
  • Batch coding or embossing both are available

Photo cell System

  • P.L.C.
  • Mechanical and electronic system.

Optional attachment

  • The machine stops automatically when the film gets exhausted.
  • The film is sterilised before pouch making and filling by UV lamps.
  • There is device incoporate in the machine which counts the number of pouches packed by machine with resetting.
  • The machine also has been provided with a proportion device F.R.L for the compressed air supply air silencer loose product collecting try, SS legs etc.

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Description Double Head PP-2000
Height 2.0 Mtrs
Width 1.43 Mtrs
Dept 0.69 Mtrs
Weight 850 Kgs
Electricity 50C/S 220V +5%10
50C/S 220V+5%10
PEAK Power Rating 12KW.Hr(Peak)
Power Consumption 2KW/Hr, 4KW/Hr
Air Supply 10 CFM @12kg/Cm
Speed 80 Packets/Min.
4800 Pouches/Hr.
Film Width 330/325mm,330mm/325mm
Pouch Width 145/150 mm+1mm
Sealing system IMPULSE
Film Thickness 100 - 120 MICRONS
Filling Accuracy ±2 ML
Pouch Dimension for 200ml 90 X 150 MM
Pouch Dimension for 500ml 160 X 150 MM
Pouch Dimension for 1000ml 240 X 145 MM