Continuous Band Sealer

Part Number. BNDSLR002


  • To seal different types of pre filled flexible bags continuously. Applications in various industries like food packaging, chemicals packaging, packaging of engineering and industrial items etc. used in Laminated and Alluminium Foil Pouches
  • Basic Lettering / Numbering Imprinting Wheels Included! Power Consumtion 800 W.
  • FREE WITH MACHINE - 10 Nos Teflon Belt , 02 Nos rubber belt , user manual tool kit, Steel wheel printing eg. print MRP/MG Date upon sealing area
  • This machine used to sealing the plastic bag.Easy operate and high efficiency.
  • Plastic bags continuously by the transfer - to - sealing - cooling - knurling or lettering.
  • With continuous sealing high efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient operation, etc.
  • It is the factories, shops and service industry batch apply best sealing equipment.
  • Widely used in food, medicine, daily necessities, local products, chemical products, electronic products, vegetable seeds and other departments.

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