Pneumatic Paste filling Machine

Part Number. PSTFILL500


  • Perfect for filling Paste filling , Oil Filling , Ginger Garlice Paste , Pickels Filling Machine, Ghee Filling Machine filling range 50ML to 500ML
  • Air compressor is required to operate this machine Easy to operate, energy efficient and cost effective, the Filling machines offered by us are available in different models to diverse applications.
  • Paste piston fillers are designed for filling products at any kinds of ropy pitch from a uniform to viscosity.

Electric Power 10w
Input Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.6 M Pa
Filling Speed 10-30 Bottles/Min
Tolerance Precision ± 1%
Volume 50 to 500ml
Materials 316 L Stainless Steel
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 800*450*500
Weight 50kg